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affiliate marketing for merchants
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Intelligent advertising of your business
If you have read the home page of this website, then you should have a fair grasp of the concepts involved in affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketing allows merchants, through advertising, to pay for results not promises.

Talking through the system
Working with an affiliate agency, merchants create a range of "ready to use" advertisement programmes or campaigns. The affiliate agency will then promote these advertisements on the merchants behalf, broadcasting the offer to hundreds and thousands of Affiliates (carefully selected webmasters across the UK or even worldwide) Affiliates, who are registered with the agency, gain access to the merchants collection of banner or text advertisements and display them on their website on the understanding that they will get paid for "results". Results can vary from commissions on sales, payments for customer registrations or merely payments for click through visits to the merchants website. The definition of "results" and the amount of commission or payment for these results depends entirely on the merchant but the beauty of the system is that if no sales results are created, the merchant pays no costs to the affiliate!

A look at the best
Listed below are the UK affiliate and advert agencies which we at Affiliate World.co.uk highly recommend, not only for their design and functionality but also for their usefulness and ease of use for both Affiliates and Merchants alike.

Affiliate Window


Trade Doubler

Clix Galore


Paid On Results

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Advertising your business has never been less risky!
Intelligent Merchants have been using Affiliate Marketing to successfully boost their sales for a long periods of time already. Affiliate Marketing made online companies such as Amazon what they are today! Can you afford to ignore an opportunity of almost unlimited potential? Take a serious look at affiliate marketing, a truly useful promotional tool for any online merchant. Click on the banners above to find out what affiliate marketing can offer to your business.




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