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welcome to uk affiliate world!

Welcome to UK Affiliate World, A comprehensive guide to UK Affiliate programmes, the easy way to make money from your website!

If you are new to affiliate programmes please read on! More experienced affiliate users can jump straight into our UK Affiliate Agency Directory or alternatively, if you are a Merchant or Online Business looking to create your own UK affiliate program, please click here.

Pound Coins

An Introduction to Affiliate Programmes.
Webmasters, make money from your website! If you have a website, and you are interested in making money, then you've come to the right place! Did you know that a large range of companies will actually pay you commissions for sending visitors their way? Well they will! These companies, who sometimes operate through "affiliate agencies", will provide you with small advertisements and banners to display on your website. If a visitor then clicks through to the advertised website, from your own website, you can receive click through payments or commissions on sales. It's a simple as that! Down the right hand side of the screen, you can see examples of the types of advertisements used in affiliate programmes.

How do I register with these companies?
We have rounded up a selection of the best UK affiliate agencies for you to browse. Agencies operate on behalf of a large number of companies and signing up with one, it's usually free, will allow you almost instant access to a large number of affilate programmes. Check out our UK affiliate agency guide here.

£20 Pound Notes

Is it possible to "Get Rich Quick" using affiliate programmes?
The amount of money that you will earn from affiliate links will largely depend on the number of visitors that your website receives. Website with higher traffic figures have a much greater chance of generating higher income levels than smaller websites. However, webmasters of smaller sites should not be deterred! A single visitor is capable of generating a 10% commission on a sale of say £100, meaning you, the webmaster would be paid £10! A couple of these every month can lead to a nice monthly income! As an aside, many webmasters of smaller websites have often commented that by displaying, and being associated with large brand names and adverts, their websites have actually seen an increase in traffic!



Which Affiliate programs should I sign up for?
Many webmasters decide to sign up with the companies offering the largest click through rates or largest percentage commissions in the hope of earning as much money as possible in the shortest time possible. This can often work well but many webmasters find that affiliate programmes which complement their site's content have a much better chance of making bigger money. As an example, lets say you have a website dedicated to music or a certain pop star. You have a much better chance of earning large incomes by linking to a Music Retailer, rather than a Fridge Freezer company! Our advice is to choose programmes which relate to your website.

Where next?
Check out our directories to find the best affiliate programmes for your site!

Affiliate Agencies Directory - Signing up with an agency will allow to access a large number of programmes from one area, and all earnings from each programme are often put together into one loverly cheque! Click here to view our Affiliate Agencies directory.

If you are merchant looking to create an affiliate programme, be sure to check out our Rough Guide Intro to starting an Affiliate Programme, here.

Finally, be sure to check out our webmaster tips section so you can give yourself the best chances of affiliate success!

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